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Every problem has an answer, supposedly
Perhaps we’ve missed more than we found in our history
But all the peoples of the world in every time and place
Between us not too much remains that as a whole we haven’t faced
All the things that we could teach us
If we just knew how to reach us
With the wisdom of the whole of humankind
But we fold along the creases
And we tear off into pieces
No room to wonder what we left behind

Every written word began as a spoken tongue
They let us see how things had sounded when the world was young
We search the stelae for the thoughts behind the hieroglyphs
One has to know what’s on the ground to hear the wisdom in the myths
But conquistador desires
Manifested into fires
Sooner listen to the dagger than the pen
And since they burned nearly every codex
From the descendants of the Olmecs
We reinvent the astral wheel again

If we could just recall the songs of yesterday
If we could read this rongorongo in the clay
If we could just recall the songs of yesterday
If we could read this rongorongo

Every answer has a problem, supposedly
The richest island still will have a set capacity
This was the lesson that we wrote out for you in the end
And since you cannot take our words you can ask our stolen friend
In the faces we were carving
While the common folk were starving
See the pain of losing all that had been ours
You can say we were just an island
That isolation made us silent
But the earth is just as isolated from the stars

If we could just recall etc.


from Zoonotic, released April 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Semaphora Bridgeport, Connecticut

Carefully crafted rock treatises on our fascinating world.

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